Saturday, January 14, 2017

What is it??

We have received a ton of support and prayers for our little lady.  THANK YOU!    We have also received a TON of questions.  Just like with our adoption journey, we didn't just live it...we wanted to help educate others about it.  Many people have no idea what Crohn's is.  Honestly, I had no idea either.  I have done quite a bit of research lately.  ;)   Just a few quick tidbits for you!

What is Crohn's?
I could stumble through telling you all about it or I could refer you to this link that explains it quickly.  (Yes it is a link for teens but I found this link through the parent site and quite frankly the teen link makes it sound less scary!)

Some quick facts
I found this image from another family I met and really liked how it gave some quick, important facts. The biggest thing for me is that there is no cure right now.  P will live with this the rest of her life.  She can still live a very full life and the goal is to keep her in remission as much as possible.

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