Sunday, January 22, 2017


Pretty excited!  One of the scary parts while we worked through this diagnosis was the fact that P was losing weight.  At her well visit in October she weighed in at 32 pounds.  She has always been a little peanut but we were excited that she had broken the 30 pound mark!!  Since then, however, P has continued to lose weight during this flare up.  When she went in for her scope on January 11th, she weighed 25 pounds.  That was really scary for me!  For her to lose the weight that she really can't afford to lose is frightening.  She was wasting away!  Since the diagnosis, we have worked really hard to focus on her food and have given her some high calorie items.  This weekend, we popped her on the scale and checked again. THIRTY pounds!!  She has gained 5 pounds in the past week and a half!  So excited!!  Hoping that as she continues treatment that this continues in a positive direction.

We were given an awesome stash of Boost Kids Essential drink boxes that have 1.5 kcal.  They have more calories in them than most other drinks that we have found for her.  P loves them!!  We have a stash to last a couple weeks but will need to purchase more in the near future.  They are not cheap.  SO...if you know of anyone that is a medical professional, nutritionist, dietician, etc that receives coupons, please ask if they have received any coupons for these.  We would love to reduce the cost of those if possible.

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