Friday, January 20, 2017

Pumping Iron

At each infusion, P will have her blood taken and sent to the lab. We got the results today. Everything is normal with what they usually see in patients like her. There were two things that Dr. Cardenas wanted to attack sooner rather than later.

The first one is her white blood counts.  The numbers indicate a possible abscess in her intestines.  So our MRI was moved up two weeks.  We will now have her MRI on Friday, January 27th.  Please pray that she tolerates the sedation for the MRI and that no abscess is found.  If they find one, she will be put on a round of steroids and then have another MRI done.  If it still found after the 2nd MRI, they would do surgery.  We want to avoid all of this if at all possible.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated!

The other thing they found was low iron numbers.  Out of everything, this is the thing I can handle easiest!  We will begin pumping P with iron supplements to help her numbers.  She may be on them only until her next labs or she could be on them much longer.  The only downside is that the liquid iron doesn't taste very good.  :(  So I am sure this will be a battle each time she has to take it simply because of the taste but we battled a horrible tasting antibiotic 3 times a day with her in September.  We can handle this!!

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