Saturday, January 14, 2017

Princess P

So what is next for Princess P?  Here is what we know so far.  P will start on two different medications.

1) Remicade- P will get this through an IV.  She will go for infusions every other week for now. We will be making the trip to Ann Arbor quite a bit!  Each infusion could take between 3-4 hours to administer.  I am working to put together my bag of tricks for these trips to Mott's.  P declared that she needed a new bag just for the doctor.  She shopped the Thirty-One catalog today to pick one out.  She also decided she needed it personalized with "Princess P" instead of her name.  She makes me smile! 

2) Imuran- This is a daily medication that she will take to help keep her body from rejecting the other medication.  Also used for transplant patients so that they don't reject their new organ.  Same thing goes for P. Her body is working overtime right now and it will be confused by the Remicade as well.

In addition to these medications, P will meet with a dietician to develop a well balanced diet that her body reacts favorably to.  We will work figure out what foods might trigger inflammation for her.

We are excited to begin treatment now to help get her into remission quickly!  We are also hopeful that she will begin putting weight back on.  She has lost about 20% of her bodyweight since Thanksgiving.  We are looking forward to getting some meat back on those little bones!!

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