Thursday, February 27, 2014


So pumped!!  I am excited to try to do this in our house in 2014!  We have decided that for Lent this year, we are going to focus on simplifying and decluttering our life to focus on the important and the necessary.  We have decided on 40 areas of our home that we will focus on.  Check out White House Black Shutters for more info.  She has some free printables and helps you to organize your thoughts in order to do this!  I am such a "saver" when it comes to the crap we have in this house.  This will be difficult to do, but I am excited to take care of the crap we have around!  My goal is to tackle the 40 spaces below.  I tried to break them up into manageable areas that small enough that they can be done easily each day after the kids are in bed or right when we get home from school.

  1. Entertainment/Bookshelves
  2. Pantry
  3. Tall kitchen cabinets
  4. Kitchen drawers
  5. Upper kitchen cabinets
  6. Lower kitchen cabinets
  7. Sewing/hairbow supplies
  8. Laundry room cabinets
  9. Front hall closet
  10. Half bath storage
  11. Front door shoe storage
  12. Playroom cubbies
  13. Kid's bathroom cupboards
  14. Linen closet
  15. Toy area in loft
  16. Loft bookshelf
  17. Penny's closet cubbies
  18. Penny's closet clothes
  19. Penny's drawers and baskets
  20. Penny's hair accessories
  21. Gus' closet clothes
  22. Gus' closet shelves
  23. Gus' dresser
  24. Gus' bookshelf
  25. Joel's dresser
  26. Beth's dresser
  27. Nightstands
  28. Master bedroom bookshelf
  29. Armoire
  30. Beth's closet clothes
  31. Joel's closet clothes
  32. Beth & Joel's shoes
  33. Closet shelves
  34. Master bath storage
  35. Thirty-One kit
  36. Thirty-One team stuff
  37. Thirty-One inventory
  38. Office cubbies
  39. Office closet
  40. Office desk
I know that there is a lot more that I can and need to do.  Didn't even touch the garage or the basement on this list.  I think I will save those for this summer!!

I have already scheduled Purple Heart to come and pick up my donation bags every other week.  (Check out to see if there is a someone that is nearby that will take your donations.)  That will force me to get rid of stuff now that I know someone is coming to get our stuff to donate.  

Stay tuned as I try to accomplish this lofty task and if you are lucky, I may show you pictures of just how bad it is and just how good it is about to get!!

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