Monday, December 30, 2013


I want to better my world in 2014.

A better mom.

A better wife.

A better counselor.

A better sister, daughter and friend.

A better human-being.

I want to do a better job.

I want to be a better leader and a better follower.

I want to focus my energy better in my life.

I want to do a better job at helping the world around me.

I want to feel better in 2014 by working to become healthy.

I simply want 2014 to be BETTER!!

Last year I chose the word SIMPLIFY.  Well....I am still working on that.  So this year I will do a BETTER job to SIMPLIFY!  How do you like that?  This way I feel like I haven't failed at 2013...simply going to be better at it than I was in 2014.

There are so many things that I want to do to make 2014 a better year for me and for my family....I just need to focus!  I tend to go in a thousand different directions that it is hard to focus on the true outcome.  I need to focus on being better at planning to be better.

And to top it all off, I want to work harder to keep a better account of our life and thoughts on this blog.  For crying out loud!  I only had 6 posts this year!!  (Including this one!!)  I certainly simplified the blog in 2013....barely took time to write.  (Perhaps that is what happens when you get a "gift baby" overnight and are still reeling from the surprise and wonderful change in our family.)  In the past I have felt that this blog helped up communicate with our family and friends.  In addition to the communication, it has been therapeutic and a great way to share our love of adoption.  In 2014, I will be better at keeping up with this because I know that if I don't, I will be disappointed in 2015.  I would hate for my word in 2015 to be "repeat".

2014 with be BETTER!!

If you want to join me and choose a word, check out  Share your word with me, share it with your friends and family.  Let others help you on your journey as I hope you will help me to focus on making 2014 to be BETTER.

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