Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Crazy Organizing Quest

So I came to a strange realization.  I am the most unorganized, organized person.  I want to be organized.  I try to be organized.  Many parts of my life are pretty organized.  Many parts are super duper unorganized.  I often think about getting more organized.  But lately, it just isn't working.  In my head I am super organized!  The problem is that in reality, I am not.  I have many storage unit/baskets/bins/shelves to help with this problem.  But they are not properly utilized.  I promise that I have great intentions to get organized.

With the football season ending for the Stape Fam this next week, we will have some free time to spend getting ourselves organized before competitive cheer season starts.  (This is our life sport season to the next!  We have four seasons in our house as most people do, but ours are called football/cheer, competitive cheer, track and summer.  It is hard to find a lot of free time during any of those seasons.  You would think that summer would be would think.)  In addition to getting organized, I have a handful of projects that I want to to by the time I am 33. (GULP! Keep in mind that in my dillusional head I am only 27 years old.  Being thirty-something is totally freaking me out! ) So in an effort to make the best out of the rest of the school year, I plan to get organized!  Since moving to the counseling office at school, I am no longer writing lesson plans or grading papers at home, I have a little more free time to focus on other projects.  My goal is to get our home organized and beautified by next June.  So here is my plan.  I figure if I post it for all to see, then I will need to follow through with it.  How embarrassing would it be if I had nothing to show for it by next June?  Eeekkk!!  (Yes, Mom, you can remind me about this.....a few times.)

I follow MANY organizing blogs.  I even follow other blogs that talk about their own adventures in organizing.  Very inspiring!  Now if only those bloggers could come over and help me get my head wrapped around some of this.  But one thing that they have taught me was to break it down so that it doesn't seem like such a huge task.  So here goes...breaking it down.  (I do reserve the right to rearrange these tasks at any time and should we get that super important phone call telling us that there is a baby on the way....well, forget the list!  I will spend my time putting together a nursery for that beautiful baby.  But until then....I will do my best to follow my list.)

1.  Organize the entry coat closet
2.  The master bedroom/closet
3.  Go through clothing to organize and donate any unused clothes.
4.  Master bathroom organization
5.  Go through the boxes currently being stored in the loft.

1.  Organize Gus' bedroom and store old clothing
2.  Sort Gus' toys.  Donate unused.  Store some for Baby Stape #2.
3.  Organize linen closet.  Reduce the number of linens we have.  I love sheets and towels.  We have A LOT!
4.  Organize my office....this might take 2 months.

1.  Continue to organize my office.  (Trying to be realistic here....this will need A LOT of help!
2.  Decorate for the Christmas season.  (I know it isn't organization....but I love it too much and it does take a lot of time.)
3.  Sort through the play room stuff...again.  I am very attached to a lot of Gus' stuff so I guarantee that I will need to go through it a couple of times this year.
4.  Hang photo wall.

1.  Sort kitchen cupboards
2.  Organize kitchen organizers.  (I know....redundant but we have a couple of things in our kitchen that become "catch alls".)
3.  Fingers large built-in/desk area.

1.  Sort through bookshelf/storage unit in living room
2.  Sort/organize the storage bins that are currently being stored in the garage.
3.  Paint laundry room and half bath

1.  Finish painting project in the loft and upstairs hallway
2.  Paint master bedroom/closet/bathroom
3.  Organize photo storage on computer/online
4.  Organize computer files

1.  Organize basement storage.  (This is the ONLY thing for this may take many months to complete.  There is a lot of CRAP really valuable treasures down there.)
2.  Begin working on the landscaping project in the front of our house.

1.  Store away all winter clothing.  Fully install spring/summer clothing in the closets
2.  Sort Gus' clothing.  (I have a bad feeling that he will have jumped to the next size by makes my stomach hurt thinking about it.)
3.  Continue the basement organization.

1.  Organize garage and outdoor toys
2.  Finish up any organization projects that didn't get done yet.
3.  Plan Gus' birthday party.  (Super important and always over the top!!)

If I scroll up this post, I have a little bit of a panic attack.  I can do this....I can do this....I can do this..... I am hoping to get through #1 and #2 for October today.  I have about 11 hours left to get these two things done.  Gotta get a move on!!

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