Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Perhaps you have heard of this thing called Pinterest.  Besides reading blogs, this is what I do after Gus goes to bed.  Some people read a good book before bed....I read blogs and pin.

If you haven't heard of pinterest, you definitely need to check it out.  It is my new crazy obsession....much to my husbands dismay!  This site is essentially a social network to share ideas on EVERYTHING!  I have currently found 2000+ ideas to "pin" on my boards.  2000+ things that I want to try or I want to remember or that I want to share with someone else because they might like it.  At the rate I am going, I am going to end up on a special edition of the tv show, "Hoarders".  They will have "Hoarders: Pinterest Edition" just for me.  I cannot get enough of the ideas that are on there.  So many great ideas out there in the world and I just want to soak them all up!!  I have actually done quite a few of these already.  There are so many other things I plan to try this summer.

If you recall, one of my other favorite things to do is read blogs.  One of my favorites is the terpblog.  I have known this blogger since high school.  She is a great Thirty-One customer of mine and just recently allowed me to be part of her first blog give away.  Who doesn't love FREE Thirty-One stuff??  Anyway, the terpblog co-hosting a Pinterest Link Up.  So if you love blogs and love Pinterest like I do, you need to check this out. Lots of great bloggers and pinners!  Lots of great ideas!!

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