Monday, February 27, 2012

Where, O Where....

....has this blogger been?!?

Well, the simple answer....everywhere!!  I just finished coaching competitive cheer.  My girls had a pretty good season.  Unfortunately, we missed going to regionals by .65 of a point.  Seriously?!?!  Oh well.  My calendar is a lot less full now.  I no longer have practice 6 days a week.  Makes a huge difference!  I am almost not sure what to do with the free time.  Really today was the first day that I had free so what did I do??  I played dinosaurs with Gus, of course!

Gus has suddenly taken an interest in dinosaurs.  I love that he seems to have many interests.  Lately it has been Muppets, Lion King, Robin Hood, puzzles, books, trains and dinosaurs.  Seriously?  Who wouldn't love all of those things??  The problem with dinosaurs is that I was one of the "Otto Girls".  My sister, Annie, and I didn't play with dinosaurs.  We didn't learn all of their names.  Who knew I would ever need that information?  Now my son turns to me and asks each dinosaurs name!  And did you know that they have changed the names?  So the few I did have memorized....gone!  Can you believe it?  No more brontosaurus!!  So I have started doing my dino research.  We will see how quickly I can memorize this!!

If you ask Gus these days if he wants a baby brother or sister, he will tell you that he wants a baby sister!!  (If you recall, he also asked Santa for a baby sister, so this desire has not gone away.)  We are doing the best we can to help him out with his request!  All of our paperwork is turned in with the agency.  Next up is our home study.  I'm excited for our home study this time.  Mainly because it means that we are one step closer to welcoming baby #2.  I know what to expect this time with our home study.  The only difference is that we will have a different social worker for the home study than we normally have.  Our beloved social worker, Louise, will not be working with us again, but right now she is taking care of more important business....being a new mommy!  We were a little bummed that she wouldn't be doing our home study....but I think she has a darn good reason as to why!!

Stay tuned for more adoption news!  You know that we will fill you in here!!

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