Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Growing the Stape Fam...

Big news!  We have officially started the process for our second adoption!  We dropped off the paperwork today at Bethany Christian Services.  I remember when it was just the two of us and we dropped off our paperwork for our first adoption.  SO nerve-wracking!  We had no idea what to expect and what we were in for...but we were excited.  We celebrated by going out to Texas Roadhouse afterwards.  Little did we know at that time how incredibly blessed we would be when Baby Spike (aka. Gus) joined our family!

Today, the three of us took our paperwork up to the agency to submit.  And then as a family we went out to dinner at Red Robin.  Joel told Gus we were going to dinner and asked him what he wanted for dinner.  Gus' response?  "Bugger (burger), buh-byes (french fries) and....A DIET COKE!"  We haven't laughed that hard in a long time!  (And no, Gus doesn't really get to drink diet coke.)  He definitely offers some comic relief!!

We can't wait until the day when we get to post on here about Baby Stape #2.  You will hear  about the baby on here as Sassy or Spunky depending on if it is a boy or a girl.  We welcome you to join us on our journey and follow as we update you on our blog.  We ask that you keep our family and our future baby and his/her birthparents in your prayers!  This can be a very rough and unpredictable road to travel down.  We are preparing for a long wait, but we are very excited for the Stape Fam to grow again.

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