Sunday, September 18, 2011

Strolling Around

DISCLAIMER- None of these companies asked me to endorse these products...I just really love them!!

So, I discovered this weekend how much I REALLY LOVE my strollers.  I didn't invest in a full travel system when we had Gus because it just seemed overwhelming to me.  In fact, the only stroller we had when Gus was born was this one....

It is a light weight frame that Gus' carseat fit right into.  The best part was that we had one and I borrowed one from my friend, Amy, so that our Gus-sitter (his Aunt Sarah) could keep one and I could keep one.  That way we weren't transferring the stroller back and forth all of the time.  It was perfect!!  I strongly recommend this option.

When Gus was three months old, he won the Baby of the Month contest at Tip Toes, in Holland, MI.  As part of his prize, he got a great discount on anything in the store.  One of the items that we chose was a set of new wheels...A MCLAREN stroller!!

LOVE this stroller!!  I love how there are extenders so that the little flap there at the bottom can come up and Gus could put his legs out straight in front of him instead of dangling.  I love how it is light-weight and easy to maneuver.  I also love how it reclines.  For being an umbrella is pretty awesome!

Recently, I have been trying to go on walks with Gus.  When I am trying to work out as opposed to stroll, I tend to kick the stroller with my foot.  And let's face it, that hurts.  So this summer, Gus and I happened to be at Babies R Us and I saw this...

It was already marked down to almost 1/2 off because it was the floor model.  But then it was missing a small attachment for an iPod to connect so that meant more money off.  And THEN they let me use a coupon on it.  I spent about $40 on this stroller.  Are you serious?!?  Who gets such a great deal?!?  I have discovered that I LOVE this stroller! It moves really well.  Gus loves the cup holders.  It is much better for when I am out on a walk.  (It is called a jogging stroller but there is no jogging yet.)

Who ever thought that I would be so passionate about strollers??  Before I know it, Gus will be looking for a new set of wheels.  Watch for that post in 14 years.... ugh...can you imagine what a nervous momma I will be when he is driving?!?!  YIKES!!

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