Friday, June 17, 2011

Still in LOVE!!

I can't believe that it has been two years.  TWO WHOLE YEARS!!  I have been Gus' momma for over 700 days!  (See this blogpost.) I have been so blessed by him.  I am the luckiest lady alive!  It was a rough go there in the beginning when we had to wait out those 5 weeks until his birthmom relinquished her rights.  But I have loved every day and every moment that I have had with him.  I am devastated if there is a day that I don't get to see him.  Or if I am going to be away from him for any reason.  (I know, every mother feels that way, but I know I am crazier than most.  Did you read my post about my Seattle trip?? Check out Xanax and Espresso if you didn't hear about it!)  I know that I will try to move with him some day when he dares to consider moving out of my house.  And God bless the woman he chooses to marry....she WILL have a crazy mother-in-law!

I have LOVED watching him grow.  He was so little in our arms when he was first born.  Now when he is in my arms, his legs hang way off my lap.  It just floors me to think about how quickly they grow.  And I know that he has grown even in the past four months that we have been in this house.  When we first moved in, he couldn't reach the handrail on the stairs and now his head almost hits it if he isn't careful.

I cannot get enough of watching him learn.  I feel like he learns something new every day.  I swear his must be a genius! (But I think every mom thinks that about their child.)  Okay, I did think he was genius but that thought is a little unsteady now after he tried to eat a clump of dirt today.  Hmmm....I think he figured out quickly that eating dirt isn't the best idea.  But seriously....I love watching his face when you can tell the wheels in his brain are turning.

I could go on forever and ever...I am still head over heels in love with this sweet little boy.  I can't wait to see my TWO year old when he wakes up tomorrow morning!!  But right now....I gotta get this place ready for a party tomorrow!

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