Sunday, March 27, 2011

"An Idea Emergency!!!"

We took Gus to his first concert.  We went to see the Imagination Movers downtown Detroit.  It was AMAZING!!  (Funny...I never thought I would feel that way about a kids show.)  If you are not familiar with the Imagination Movers, I definitely encourage you to check them out.  We are big fans in the Stape House!  They are problem solvers who help solve "idea emergencies"!  I could sing their brainstorming song all day!

Gus actually sat still for 90% of the time.  The only exception was when he transferred back and forth between Momma and DaDoh.  He was just in awe most of the time.  Every once and a while, he would start clapping or yelling but for the most part he just watched in amazement.  (And once again...I sat in tears for 1/2 of it thinking about the fact that this was another first for Gus.  I get very emotional about those kids of things....heck, I get emotional about everything!)

Little did we know that we would have to wait in line outside to get in.  (Yes, I felt like the mother who dressed my child inappropriately. If I had known, I would have brought a proper hat and perhaps a was windy and cold.)

Before the show, Gus loved climbing in and out of his very own seat.  It is a little irritating that they require you to purchase a seat for kids over one, but I'm glad that they did.  It was perfect for him!

Genevieve and DC from Choo Choo Soul opened up the show.

Clapping along.


Hmmmm..... I'm not really sure what is going on at this time, but Joel captured this little face and I just think it is too cute not to share!!

WAREHOUSE MOUSE!!  We love this mouse and his love for cheese!  Our little mouse, Gus Gus, also loves cheese!!

HOLY MOLY!!! Mover Rich came out the door right by us.  We could have touched him.  (And yes, I LOVE Mover Rich!  He is my favorite!  I think I was more excited that any of the kids around us!)

Gus and DaDoh outside the Music Hall showing off Gus' new Mover's hat.

We had a FABULOUS time!!

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