Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Month-iversary!

WOW!  It has been a month since I signed on the dotted lines (many, many lines) and became a home owner.  My name was never on our old place so this was my first home purchase.  It all still feels a little surreal.  I am still a little overwhelmed with the fact that this is our home.  I can't believe that it is actually ours!  So crazy!!

We had our house warming party last weekend.  Throughout the evening we had over 50 people in here....crazy to think about!!  Granted they were coming and going, but this place was insane!  And I LOVED it!!  I love the fact that I can entertain in this house.  I love that we can all get together in my home.  I can't wait to have people over again!!

One thing that the party forced us to do was get this house ready for company...quickly.  I'm glad that we did because right now I am sitting in a clean house...many things are put away.  Granted we still have a garage full of stuff to unpack.  I decided before we moved here that I would not bring anything into this house that we didn't need anymore.  So instead of just unloading everything in the house and shoving it into places, we decided to take our time.  The goal is to be able to park both cars in our garage by the summer time.  With our crazy busy lives, it is a realistic goal.  Not only that but I really like the idea of taking my time to really go through everything and purge so much of the stuff that we have held onto.

Slowly but surely we will be all moved in.  Right now, I still feel like we are housesitting someone else's house...I'm sure it will become real sooner or later.  Probably when we get our first bills!

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