Sunday, February 27, 2011

I may have an addiction....

So I came to the sudden realization today that I may have another addiction.  I previously wrote about my blog addiction.  I was willing to come to terms with that one and do something about it.  This one...I'm not so sure I can give it up.  Someone is going to have to try hard to convince me to give it up.  Let me just say, I have been addicted for years...even before it became popular again.  Those who know me well know that it is kinda my signature.  As I wandered around my house tonight (which still needs A LOT of unpacking and organizing) I started to notice my addiction a little bit more.

The dish set that I got for Christmas 2010!!

Keeps the stove top clean.

Coffee Mug...who doesn't love that it is orange?!?

My new wine glasses from Pampered Chef.

Joel and I solve all of our disagreements with this rule...."He can be right, but I will win."  This little magnet reminds him of that.  He better think twice about starting with me...unless he is prepared to lose. :)

Even bought a house with perfect wallpaper in the "kids" bathroom.  That is one room that will not be redecorated any time soon!

Thirty-One caters to my addiction with these patterns.

New slippers that my mom gave me this weekend.  So cozy!!

A new blanket that I bought for Gus' bedroom since his room has a similar pattern.

My pillowcase.  Yes, even my bedroom linens have it.

Towels in the master bathroom.

Wrapping paper for all occasions.  My husband will tell you that I am also addicted to buying wrapping paper.  He just might be right about that....

So I think it is official.  I have a serious addiction to polka dots.  And I KNOW that there are many more things in this house and in my classroom with polka dots.  I am an addict....but this addiction, I plan to keep!!

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