Monday, February 7, 2011

Detroit Pride

Let's just make this known...I am a Ford girl all of the way! But seriously, those of us who live in southeastern Michigan were filled with pride as we saw Detroit showcased on the national level during Sunday's Super Bowl. I love how the city was presented to the rest of the country. I feel that Detroit has gotten a bad rap. Detroit has a lot to offer that most people don't see. They see the flailing automotive industry...the dilapidated buildings...the Lion's records...crime/poverty...lack of quality. What they don't see is the beautiful history that is there....the devoted sports fans (in good times and bad times)...different cultural areas  (Corktown, Greektown, Mexicantown) history...hard working people who have persevered...need I go on? This girl from west Michigan was pretty proud to be an import to southeast Michigan last night when I saw that commercial. Finally, the people of this country were able to see what Detroit really does have to offer.

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