Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bipolar Day

Well, today was a little bit of a bipolar day.  We got the call yesterday that we have a closing date on our new house!  We are so excited that this dream is becoming a reality!  We also got a call last night that school was canceled for today!  How exciting!  Good news about the house and we get to sleep in the next day and play with Gus all day!!

Today all three of us took advantage of sleeping in.  Gus slept until 9:30!!  I don't know when that have ever happened!  (But I LOVED it!)  We spent the rest of our day playing and packing.  Now that we have the closing date, we decided we can really start packing up our house.  We have packed a lot of it...but now we are really getting serious.

I worked on our closet first....we have a lot of crap in there!  Four large boxes full and still not even 1/2 way there.  I was almost embarrassed about how much we have in there but then I stopped and realized that with such little storage space in this house, a lot of stuff gets jammed in the closets so I don't feel quite as ashamed.  Now I must admit that I am totally motivated to organize and discard unnecessary items.  My friend, Katie, at The Terp Blog has been organizing in 2011 and I am so jealous of her!  Check out her blog and what she has been doing.  I am LOVING her wooden hangers!!  Look at the mishmash that I packed today.

I have every intention of only putting things that we need in our house and discarding the rest.  We have already been sorting through as we pack things but I am sure that there will be lots more once we get into the new house.

I then moved into packing Gus' room.  I kept out only the things that he NEEDS!  I did keep out his cars, the car ramp, a few books and his blocks.  Other than that, all toys and books are packed.  All other baby related items are packed.  We have clothing to get us through and the baby "essentials".  It is almost like living out of a suitcase for him.  But I think the bare minimum right now is necessary.  I was a packing machine.  Wasn't phased by any of it until I saw this....

...and then I lost it!  Lots of tears.  It brought me right back to the fall of 2008.  We had finally got on "the list" at the agency and since you never know when you might be matched, we thought perhaps we would slowly get the room ready.  This is what the closet looked like in the beginning.  I remember thinking that I couldn't wait until those cubbies were filled and that there were clothes on that rack.  I remember how desperate I was to be a mom.  Looking at this almost empty closet made all of those feelings come rushing back.  I pulled myself together and finished emptying the closet.  Check out how great these matching hangers look!

I love that all of Gus' hangers match.  No store hangers ever brought home.  Oh!  And I love his little cowboy hat that fit perfecting in this box upside down and keeps the hangers from sliding around!  (Yes, the box is labeled "hangers and a hat" and it is color coded so we know that it goes to Gus' room.)

I emptied on of Gus' chest of drawers.  Found the box that holds his first comb used at the hospital.  That boy had a head of hair!  And I found his hospital bracelet...and the baggie of hair from his first hair cut.  Tears again!  (It doesn't take much.)

I finished up packing Gus' room.  For the most part, that boy is packed and ready to go.

So when people ask us why we felt the need to move....this is why!  Look at all of the boxes from one little boy's bedroom.  Poor kid has no room to breathe with all of his baby stuff, toys, books, etc.  Can't wait to get into our new house where Gus will have his bedroom and a play room!  What a lucky boy!

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