Friday, January 14, 2011

I will kick that intruder's arse....

Just comes another edition of, "Beth is crazy!"

Today seemed like the longest Friday of all time.  Long, crazy day with lots of student drama and discipline going on.  Not to mention followed by a cheer practice where the girls were simply stir crazy and unfocused and the coaches (myself being one of them) were getting very frustrated.  My friend, Diane, watched Gus for us today while I was at practice and Joel was helping to run a charity event.  After practice, Diane, Gus and I ran some errands together.  We finished up just in time for me to get Gus home for bedtime.

After wrestling with my 1 1/2 year old alligator to get him out of the carseat and he tried to slither out of my arms as we walked up to the house, I was finally able to let him run free once we walked through that front door.  I casually took off my coat as Gus ran around like a mad man and I walked into the kitchen to hang up my coat and.....BOOM!!!  There is was!  The door leading from the kitchen into the garage was wide...I mean WIDE open.  Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!!!!  (Okay....yes, I had some other choice words running through my head.)  I snatched Gus up, grabbed my cell phone and ran out to the neighbor's driveway as I called my husband.  (The neighbor is a police officer....I figured I could always have him come kick the intruder's arse if need be.) 

I frantically called Joel to ask if he by chance left that door open.  His response, much to my dismay, "ya know....I think I might have.  I left in such a rush."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?  How do I know for sure?  And why didn't I think to grab my coat?  I am freezing.  Should I go back in?  Maybe I should make Aaron go check it out first.  Should I call the cops?  Am I being ridiculous?  Am I overly paranoid?  Maybe I should be more concerned?  Many things went through my mind.  Oh!  And thank goodness I hadn't yet gotten Gus out of his coat.  He was warm and at this point playing in the snow at the neighbor's house.  After a lot of thought, we went back into the house.  I set Gus down and I grabbed the broom in the kitchen and went around the house with a broom in one hand and my phone in the other with it already dialed to 9-1-...just in case.  I kicked open every door, the shower curtain, looked under the bed and jumped in about in an effort to surprise the intruder and so that I could kick his/her arse with a broom.

Long story intruder but my overactive imagination jumped into overdrive and I became a raving lunatic. But I still have my broom ready....just waiting for my husband, the door-leaver-opener, to arrive home.  He better start running.....

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