Friday, January 28, 2011

The Call

Two years ago today I was supposed to have a cheerleading meet.  Unfortunately, it was canceled due to the weather.  So home I went after school.  Once I got home, I noticed the red blinking light on my answering machine.

"Hi Beth and Joel!  My name is Dawn Baker.  I am calling from Bethany Christian Services.  Please call me as soon as you get this message.  You can call me at .......until 5 and then on my cell phone at ......until 10 PM tonight.  Talk to you soon."

That's weird I thought.  We JUST updated our adoption application 2 weeks ago, what did they want now?  I called the number, asked for Dawn and was greeted by the most cheerful voice.

"Hi Beth! So glad that you were able to call back so quickly.  I have a birthmom who really wants to meet with you and Joel to see if you are a match!"

I almost fell over.  My legs felt weak and I had to sit down.  I sat on the bottom step of our stairs as Dawn gave me some background about J and K, the birthparents.  I remember my hands shaking, my voice wouldn't work.  It was all I could do not to fall completely apart.  Was this real?  Was this lady really calling to tell me that there was someone who chose US?

Dawn and I set up a time to meet with J the next week to see if we were a match and before we hung up, Dawn mentioned one more thing.  "Oh by the's a boy!"

I thanked Dawn, hung up the phone and still shaking like a leaf, I tried to call Joel.  Joel was coaching wrestling at the time and his wrestling meet still happened (despite the weather).  I called Joel about 27 times and he ignored me every time. 

I decided that I couldn't tell anyone about this until I told Joel so I had to figure out how to spend my time.  So what did I do...I went shopping!  I remember wandering around Home Goods for about an hour while talking on my cell phone with Dawn.  She had called back with some more information so I got to at least talk to her a little bit.  After Home Goods (yes, I bought some really fun stuff while I was there!) I wandered over to Target.  I spent another two hours wandering around Target. Up and down each aisle.  I found myself in toys and purchased the first baby toy for our household.  I bought a green football for our little boy.

Finally, Joel was home and we could celebrate.  There were lots of tears and both completely stunned.  We were in disbelief that this was happening and so quickly for us.  We told only our family and a few very close friends and kept our fingers crossed for our meeting with J.  We are so happy that J chose us!  The past two years have flown right by and we are loving every minute of it!!

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