Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hi! My name is Beth and I am a blog stalker.

That's right...I should join BSA (Blog Stalker Anonymous). I am addicted to reading blogs. It has become a serious problem. I usually start reading them well after 9 PM and then I can still be found reading well into the evening. I am losing sleep because of this addiction. Through I am able to keep track of my blogs in my dashboard. I just added a new blog today. It was only then that I realized that I have a problem. I just hit 72 blogs. SEVENTY-TWO!! Who does that?!? Apparently me. So in an effort to clear out and move in a healthier direction, I reduced it to 50. That's good....right?? As a counselor, I am also a believer in 12 step programs like the Alcoholics Anonymous program. So I figured that I could apply it to my own addiction. So far I am stuck on step one- I admit that I am powerless over this addiction. Step two will have to wait until tomorrow. I have to get caught up on some of my blog reading....

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