Thursday, January 27, 2011

Angelina Jolie

My close friends know that I do not like Angelina Jolie.  In fact, I have a strong distaste for her.  Why?  It's simple...she stole my friend's husband.  And by friend, I mean Jennifer Aniston.  (Yes, in my head we are best friends.  After all, we did spend 10 glorious seasons together.)  I just never liked Angelina after she shacked up with Brad Pitt.  I'm trying hard to like her these days.  As much as I may not agree with her adopting 27 children, she has brought a lot of attention to adoption and people are learning more about adoption because of it.  So long story short, I do not hate her....I'm trying to appreciate the awareness she has brought to the adoption world.'s only a matter of time before I became a crazy mom.  Okay...we know that I am crazy but I became a crazed mama bear today in the grocery store.  The woman in front of me purchased a magazine with Angelina on the front.  It mentioned that she and Brad were going to be adopting another child.  The cashier and the customer in front of me carried on talking about how it seemed ridiculous that they were adopting children from all over.  And why on earth would they want to adopt when clearly they can have "kids of their own"....blah, blah, blah....

This continued even after all of the woman's items were bagged.  At this point I was waiting impatiently and now extremely irritated.  The bagger, a former student of mine, noticed my irritation and helped quickly put this woman's bags in her cart.  (Thank you, Billy.)  I am sure that there was steam shooting out of my ears.  It was finally my turn to check out.  The cashier tried to continue to talk to me about it.  My response, which I am sure came out much nastier than I meant it to, probably wasn't needed.  I should know better than to let those that are ignorant bother me. 

"I'm sorry...I really don't think that this conversation is appropriate to have right now."

Billy jumped in, "Hey Lady Stape, didn't you and Stape adopt a baby?"  (God bless that kid!)

"Yes, Billy, we did."

That cashier, with the bright red face, rang up my items and bagged them so quickly.  With a smile and wink towards Billy, I walked out of there thinking that perhaps next time she might think twice before rattling on like that.

On a totally separate note, I added a spot on my blog where you can "follow" Stape's House.  We'd love to know if you are a follower of our crazy please declare it!  :)  And stay tuned...we have some very exciting stuff coming up soon!!

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