Saturday, January 1, 2011

Adora Lane

We are SO excited about what 2011 has in store for us.  At the beginning of December we started looking into trying to lease our current townhouse and be able to buy a new house.  I have been dreaming of the day when we would be able to move.  We are bursting at the seams here.  We need more space.  And Gus needs more space to run and play!  I have told people before that my requirements in a new home would be a backyard for my baby and a basement for my hubby.  Well, there is a basement for my hubby...but it will need to be finished off.  The nice part is that the basement has the extra tall ceilings.  Perfect for my extra tall hubby.  And the backyard....oh I am so excited!!  There is a beautiful backyard that backs up to a pond.  Not thrilled about the pond, but when we placed our offer we asked for the builder to include a fence for the backyard...that was one thing that I was not willing to go without if there was going to be a pond right there.  We found a company who will manage our townhouse rental property for us, we got our preapproval for a mortgage, our offer was accepted, we signed a purchase agreement...and now we wait to close!!  That and we start packing!  Our townhouse needs to be ready to be photographed for the leasing company in less than two weeks!!  Needless to say it will be a little crazy around here for a little while, but we are super excited!!  The home we will be moving into is the former model for the builder.  Below is a sneak peek of the house.  Some things have changed since they took the pictures.  For example, the parking lot has been replaced with a yard and driveway, some of the rooms have been repainted and all of the furniture/decor have been removed.  Can't wait to make this house our home!
The parking lot, flag pole, fence and doors are gone. It has been replaced with a lawn, driveway and a garage door. 
This is the "flex" room that will be a play area/office for Gus for now. (Maybe...that's why it's a "flex" room.  It's purpose is flexible.)  I'm super bummed that they already painted over the walls.  I would have loved that design on my walls.
The laundry room.  We are currently spoiled at the townhouse since our laundry is on the 2nd floor near the bedrooms...but the main floor is just as good.
The kitchen.  There are twice as many cupboards here than what we currently have! Now our stuff won't have to be jammed in there.
The dining "nook".  Our little dining table is going to look so little in here but we will actually be able to access all four sides of it at once instead of having it against the wall.
The great room.  The only thing not great about this room is the red paint on the bottom.  We currently have a plum colored couch...I guess a can of paint is cheaper than a new couch, right?
Bedroom #1- Which will now be referred to as the craft room.  Or as I am sure Joel will end up calling it, the "crap" room.  For the time being, I will be able to keep all of my scrapbooking stuff, gift wrap, Thirty-One stuff, coaching stuff, etc in here.  And it will stay pink for now.  No use painting it when it will just be for me.  :)
This is the loft area at the top of the stairs.  Oh the possibilities!
Gus' bathroom.  It is hard to see from the picture but the wallpaper is polka dots!  I love polka dots!! And there is a border around the bottom with dogs.  Gus loves dogs!!  It's cute.
Most boys might dream of a construction/Bob the Builder room.  Personally, this room gives me a headache.  It's got to change.  This will be Gus' room.  I am sure that we will be painting it exactly the way his current bedroom is because I love that room and I am not ready to let go of that yet. Plus I already have bedding for a toddler bed that matches his current room.  So goodbye Bob the Builder...we are going to be doing some construction of our own.
This will be the guest bedroom and will become Baby Stape #2's bedroom someday.  (Unless we have a girl and then I may be willing to give up the craft room.) 
The master bathroom has a big garden tub and a shower.  I just may find myself taking more baths now with such a luxurious tub!
Our Bedroom.  The wooden decor on the wall has been taken down and that wall has been repainted.  None of our current bedding will match, but that is okay.  (And when I say none of our bedding, I am serious.  I am obsessed with duvet covers and not a single one will look good in here.  Oh well!)

Hope you enjoyed your little tour of our soon-to-be home.  We can't wait for you to come and visit us at our home on Adora Lane.

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