Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adoption Roundtable

I decided to start taking part in Production, Not Reproduction's roundtable discussions about open adoption.  (Click on the link to go see what others have to say.)

Today's topic revisited the topic of January 2010.  Here is what was posted in then.

"Call them resolutions, commitments, changes, or choices--how will you be proactive in the area of open adoption in 2010?"  So again they asked the same question.

So what will I be doing? 

When Joel and I first decided to adopt we did it for one reason and one reason alone...to be parents to a child that we could love unconditionally.  Little did we know that we would have some great opportunities to really help educate others about adoption.  As high school teachers, we have been able to talk to our students about the options that they have when they find themselves in an unexpected situation.  Our agency asked us to speak on their behalf about our experience with adoption.  In addition, we have spoken to classes of social work students about what adoption is like for the adoptive family.  As far as our relationship with J (that is Gus' birth mom for those of you who are new to the blog), I have worked to make sure to foster that relationship as much as I can and to the point where she is also comfortable.

So what does this mean for 2011?  I want to focus my adoption conversations around openness and how important it is for everyone involved.  There are so many myths about what adoption is like and what openness means.  So pay attention in 2011.  We are going to be "opening" it up around here and learning more about what that means!  I also keep talking about how I want to write a children's book with adoption as a foundation.  I realize that it is very difficult to get published...so perhaps it will be a children's blog.  :) That would be easier.  Stay tuned in 2011.

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