Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things That Just Bug Me!!

This week I have just discovered some things that just down right bug the heck out of me and I need to get them off my chest!

1) Why is it that every waitress that we have had recently seems to think that it is okay to put the food we ordered right in front of the curious little 1 year old?  Does she not realize that he is going to instantly reach for it and make a mess?  Isn't this common sense or is it just me?

2) Cow like gum chewers.  If you choose to chew gum, could you please not check it like a cow chews his cud?  It bugs me to hear that and see that!

3) My husband made me take down my original #3...and yes...that bugs me.
4) Stress.  I don't really have much to say about that but it really bugs me this week.

5) The kid in my 5th hour who ALWAYS interrupts me when I am talking to another student.  "Really?  You can't see that I am talking already?  Wait your turn you crazy kid!"  Okay...I usually just say, "I will be right with you..."

6) My stand-by favorite black flat dress shoes finally went to their final resting place this week.  I am so sad.

7) The media.  Why do they have to portray some things so incorrectly?

8) Temper-tantrums + Gus = frustrated momma

9) Economics.  I'm really not loving teaching that class right now.

10) Those who come "late to the party."  I put together a large district wide order for staff apparel.  Now that people are getting the items delivered to them, other people decided they want to order now.  Seriously?  I'm not here to accomodate every one's needs.  Do your own order!!

11) Trains.  Have I ever told you that we live near a corner that the train tracks cross two sides of that corner?  And the other route I would take is under construction?  Well let's just say it is really annoying!

Thanks for letting me vent...I feel better.  :)

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