Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nice Jesus

What a sad day today in church.  We were informed that one of our deacons passed away earlier this week and so did another parishoner.  We were also told about a sick little baby who was going to be having surgery.  That baby was baptized today.  I can't imagine what those parents must be going through today.  As I listened to Fr. Rick talk about these situations and I held Gus even tighter with tears in my eyes, I looked up and saw an old man.  He did not appear to be in great health.  Had a walker, was hunched way over and had a neck brace on.  It appeared that his daughter brought him to church that day as the young woman next to him was so gentle and loving towards this man.  And when I saw his face he smiled at us, and waved to Gus.  Of course Gus was a waving fool and looked kind of like one of the Beverly Hillbillies with all of the waving he was doing.  But seeing this man filled my mind with thoughts today.  He seemed so happy to be there at church and after listening to the priest today, probably so happy to be alive.  And I thought to myself...someday when I have reached my later years (I refuse to be we will just refer to them as my later years) I hope that I, too, can exude such joy.  I think so often we are bogged down with trivial things in life and we get so busy and bogged down.  So many things seem like a burden.  So many things seem to be so important, but they really aren't.  If only we took more time when we are younger to enjoy life instead of letting it pass us by.

While trying to keep my little hillbilly (see reference above) quiet during church today, we decided to walk a little bit.  With as loud as Gus can be these days, we sit behind the glass so that the rest of the congregation can worship without his "joyful noises".  So Gus and walked in the entryway and he kept running over to the banner on the wall of Jesus and his disciples.  He kept pointing up and it and yelling.  So I picked him up and let him touch the banner.  He immediately smacked Jesus in the face.  Great!  Just what we need....another Roman beating up on Jesus.  So quickly I grabbed that pudgy little hand and showed him that we have to be nice to Jesus.  Gus then proceeded to pet Jesus and each disciple as he said "niiiceee".  (Those who have been around Gus lately know that we are working on being nice.  He will say "niiiceee" as he pets your cheek and then gives you a kiss on each cheek. Not sure where he picked up the European style of kissing, but I will take it.) 

That's right, "nice Jesus".  He repeated this many times throughout Mass today and so we have lesson #1 in Gus' religious many more to come.

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