Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Lost Dream

My mind has done a lot of thinking today.  A very good friend of mine just found out that she is pregnant.  I am SO excited for her....excited beyond words.  But it got me to thinking about when we started trying to start a family.  I dreamed about how excited I would be to tell my husband.  I brainstormed creative ideas and fun surprises on how I was going to tell him he was going to be a daddy.  I even thought about how we were going to tell our families.  We were going to get them all those mini staplers.  (Get it?  Baby "Staplers"...Baby Stapleton??  Cute, right?) 

With each passing month of disappointment and with each loss, that dream slipped further and further the point that I completely forgot about it.  I gave up on getting my hopes up and trying to plan ahead for what could be.

When we decided to adopt, we tried to be a little creative with the way that we informed family and friends.  We came up with a catchy little poem and sent out cards to what seemed like everyone we knew, including everyone that we worked with.  We created our blog to help keep people informed.  When I got the call that changed our lives, I couldn't wait to tell Joel and when I finally got to tell him, I just spewed information.  And when we told our families we did it through tears on the phone so I am sure that they could barely understand us.  (The hyperventilating kind of tears.) 

*Side note*
Yesterday I read an article that someone wrote about telling friends and family the exciting news and how just because you are adopting, it doesn't mean that it is any less exciting.  If you get time, take a minute to read the article.  It is so true!!

So for as long as I had dreamed about how perfect it was going to be to tell our friends and family and to share in the joyous news, I realize that it was just a dream.  Dreams come and go and get replaced with new dreams.  And the reality of it is that my biggest dream came true!

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