Monday, September 20, 2010

SASSY Babies and Blogging Mommas

I was extended a great opportunity to attend the 2010 Blogger Bash sponsored by Sassy, Inc last Friday.  And the best part...Gus got to go with me!  I got to spend the whole day with my little man and with being back to work, days like this are pretty special.  We joined a bunch of SASSY babies and their mommas who are bloggers for a couple hours of fun.  And speaking of fun!  One of the bloggers is a friend from college and it was super fun to see her there! 

I learned so much about this company and about their products and I have some new favorite items.  (I have found my new "staple" for baby gift giving....some of these items are AWESOME!)  Gus had a great time playing with all of the toys, running around like a crazy man and playing with the wonderful staff at the Bash.  It is obvious that the employees of this company truly do love kids and want to create great products for them.  Just watching them interact with Gus it was obvious that kids come first!  (Special thanks to those staff members who entertained Gus so that I could actually focus on the products being shown!)  I intended to show you just a few items...but you know me.  I tend to get a little carried away.

Water Filled Teethers

It is so silly why I love these.  Not only do I just love teethers in general because Gus loves them, but FINALLY a football one!!  Many of the Sassy products incorporate both a black/white pattern and a bright color which makes it easy for them to use a soccer ball with one of their rattles.  Gus was given one of those rattles when he was born...but if you have learned anything about our family, we are a football family through and through so the soccer ball did not go over well.  I was THRILLED to let Gus get his hands on this football teether simply because it is a football.

Vibrating Textures Teether
Okay.  This teether is just down right cool.  It vibrates when Gus puts his little mouth on it.  I have seen other teethers that vibrate but it is tricky to get them to work.  With this one all he has to do is bite on the water filled parts and it starts to work.  Gus tested it out in church on Sunday.  It kept him entertained for a good 10 minutes.  For anyone who has met Gus, you know that this little boy does not sit still for anything.  He is teething right now, so I am sure that it felt good, but I didn't expect it to entertain him for so long!

Look Book
My mom bought this little book for Gus when he was very little.  Unfortunately, we do not live near family and we really want to make sure that Gus knows who his family is.  Each page has a slot where you can slide a picture in.  Gus' book is filled with pictures of his grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins.  I think that this is a great way for a little one to be able to start recognizing faces.  And if you don't want to put pictures in it, each page has a fun pattern for little ones to look at as well.

Fill and Spill Barrel
I'm not really sure what it was about this collection, but Gus LOVED it.  He carried those bananas around for quite a while and he loved to share them with the Sassy staff members.  He passed them around from person to person.  Who knew that my kid would like bananas so much?

Bumpy Ball
This was the very first toy that Gus got his pudgy little hands on at the Bash.  I liked it because he could easily hold onto the bumps and throw it around.  I also liked how when he threw it, it didn't roll bounced around a little bit, but it didn't go too far which meant he wasn't off and running.  He was able to play in a smaller area.  This would be perfect for him to play with when he goes to cheerleading practice with me.  It wouldn't cause him to run off to chase it down.

Less Mess Training Spoons

These little spoons are GENIUS!!  I know that there is a lot of thought that went into them.  The holes in the spoon, there are little spots for little fingers but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the guards that they put on there so that Gus cannot jam the spoon down his throat.  Just recently we have started letting Gus use his own utensils.  I can't stand it when he gags himself.  1) Who really wants their kid to jam a spoon down his throat? 2) I hear him gag, and I gag...and I hate gagging!  I just love that someone thought to stop our little monkey from jamming a spoon down his throat.  (Thank you spoon creator genius!)

Crumb Catcher Feeding Bib

Okay.  I will admit.  I HATE plastic bibs.  I just think that they are yucky and tend to feel slimy or crunchy.  And I hate bibs with pockets.  They never seem to catch the food that Gus drops and they never seem clean enough.  I may just actually LOVE this one.  This bib has a soft back so it isn't as "crunchy" as others we have tried and it is machine washable.  The little tray actually comes off and can go in the dishwasher.  It actually makes sense and is Momma Stape friendly.

Modern Soft Sided Organizer
I HAD to add this.  It wasn't even one of their products that they were showcasing to us but I am so smitten with it.  They simply brought it full of toys for the kids to play with.  The cool thing is that it is soft.  No sharp corners for an eager little boy to bump his head on as he collides with it to get his toys out.  And it doesn't have any heavy lid or hinges where pudgy little fingers could get pinched.It also has handles so it is easy to move.  Shh...don't tell Stape, but this is something that WILL be finding a home in our humble abode.  It will be perfect!

Need a great baby gift? Be inspired. Visit  There are so many great products that new moms and dads would love to have for their new bambino.  Even if it isn't their first baby, they will still LOVE to have these items.  I know I would.  (hint...hint, Mom.  When your next grandbaby joins us, keep these items in mind.)

Sassy has some other PHENOMENAL products coming our way at the end of the year.  Stay tuned to my blog for more details or follow @SassyBabyToys on Twitter for all of their latest news.  You are NOT going to want to miss the new things that they are coming out with.  I am so geeked about these new items!

Do you love this brand as much as I do already?  Become a fan of Sassy on Facebook.  I have loved this brand for quite a while and consider myself quite a fan.  If you aren't a fan already, check out some of these products first hand and I know that you will be a fan.

I would love your feedback on these products, this brand or things that you wish they had.  Send me your thoughts!!

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