Friday, August 27, 2010

Starbucks anyone?

Joel and I are spending a couple of days in Seattle for the wedding of Joe Maly to Jane Wong.  (We left Gus with Gramma and Papa.  Don't even get me started on that, I will burst into tears.  I miss my little man so much right now.)  We decided to head to downtown Seattle today and check out Pike's Place.  This is the location of the famous fish market where the men throw the fish around.  Unfortunately, we did not see any fish fly through the air.  But we saw a lot of fun vendors with fresh baked goods, fruit, flowers, cheese....all sorts of things.  My big purchase today....Starbucks coffee!  (Fun fact- did you know that Starbucks owns the company Seattle's Best coffee??)

Yes, we are those tourists that ask strangers to take their picture.

The famous fish didn't move.

Look at that bouquet!!  And it only cost me $15!  LOVE it!  We brought it to Joe and Jane when we attended their BBQ today.

And while we are gone....Gus went to the Hudsonville Fair today.

Aunt Annie spoiled Gus with his first sno-cone. I'm surprised I don't see an elephant ear hanging out of his mouth. :)

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