Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Maly Wedding Extravaganza

It was a long ride out to Cave B Inn at Sage Cliff which was the site for the wedding.  We had a wonderful time celebrating the marriage of Joe and Jane Maly.

A beautiful drive out to what Joel kept calling, "the middle of no where".

We stopped at the only "scenic view" that we saw.  Had to get out to stretch and to take pictures.

The Wild Horses Monument.  We don'nt know anything about it except someone hauled a bunch of horse statues to the top of the hill. Some people hiked up to bedazzled flip flops were not going on that hike.  We looked on from afar.

The sign outside the hotel where we were staying.

The main lodge of the vinyard...surrounded in vines.

Vines, vines everywhere.

Eme Carlson....I LOVE this little girl!!  She is 3 days younger than Gus.  Our families have made the journey through adoption together.  Such great support for one another. And we are both SO lucky to have our beautiful babies.  (In case you are wondering, yes, I wanted to steal her this weekend.  Just would be like raising twins! She and Gus would have such fun together!!)

Mama Maly.  Isn't she just radiant?  I love this picture of her.  She is just oozing happiness!

Nora Jones.  I got to spend lots of time with her momma, Dana, since both of our husbands were in the wedding.  Funny how Dana and I both graduated the same year from Hope College, yet never crossed paths before.


Joe's gorgeous sisters, Bekah and Brie.  Love them!!

Dana and Nora kept me sane all weekend.  (Well, as sane as possible.)  Thanks, girls!

Jane's nephews, Brandon and Taye were too stinkin' cute!  During the wedding photos earlier in the day, they were striking many poses...too fun!

The beautiful bride and her dad.

Waiting for his bride.

The happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Maly!!

Brie, Matt and Eme Carlson. This family has been such a wonderful source of support for our family during the past 14 months. I can't wait to watch our kids continue to grow up together.

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