Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jealousy and Envy

Isn't it amazing that we can be so content and happy in life until we notice something around us and are instantly jealous and envious of others?  As a frequent Facebook-er, I get to keep up on the latest events of friends and family.  In the past two days I have had 6 friends post that they are expecting babies.  Don't get me wrong, I am completely blessed and totally in love with my little man and I don't want to rush life.  I was perfectly content until I have suddenly noticed all of the new baby announcements.  Suddenly, I can't wait for Gus to be a big brother.  It is so silly because he is so little himself still, how could he be a "big" brother? 

I had the experience last week of what it is like to have 3 children when Joel and I watched our niece and nephew for 1/2 the week.  I felt completely overwhelmed and in complete awe of any mom who has more than one child....but I secretly loved it.  I loved the chaos and I loved watching the three of them interact.  Granted I am very blessed with a wonderful niece and nephew who I adore.  They are so great with Gus and they love him like crazy.  (And yes, the feeling is mutual.  Gus loves to attack them with his love.)  They are so kind and loving towards their baby cousin and perhaps if he were their sibling, they may not be as patient.  Regardless, I love the thought of a house full of laughter and silliness.  I loved hearing those giggles and squeals of three children playing together.

I know that our time will come and we will have a sibling for Gus.  I think the part that is the hardest for me is that I have absolutely NO control over when that will be.  (And we know how much of a control freak I am, so you can imagine how frustrating this is for me.)  Granted we get to pick the time for when we will apply for another adoption...but then it is out of our hands and we simply wait.  I know that God will send us another beautiful baby who will fit perfectly into our little family...and until then, I will enjoy the time we have with Gus.  He is only little once and I don't want to miss a second of it by being jealous and envious of others who are expanding their families.  Our time will come...just need to be patient.

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