Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I wonder...

Gus, sometimes you are such a mystery to me.  Every day there is something new that I wonder about. 

I wonder....

...what on earth you are trying to say to me?  You talk a mile a minute but yet I can't understand your train of thought.  I am sure that you are saying really important things, I just wonder what they are.

...what are you thinking about when you stare at me with that "Perry the Platypus" expression.  (For you inquiring minds, Perry is from the TV show, "Phineas and Ferb".  I swear that my son makes the same face as this cartoon character!)

...why on earth you find it so exciting to pull every wipe out of the container.  What is it about that game that makes you happy?  Is it the fact that you like to throw them in the air or chew on them?  Really...that can't possibly taste good. Or is it the pure joy of wasting the good money that we have spent on purchasing the pack of wipes?

...why you are so picky about what kind of sippy cup you use?  Seriously, little man, they all have the same end result...juice.  But yet you have no problem eating grass...

...why is it that when you get really excited you like to bite your momma?  That is not the way we celebrate.  If you would please refrain from biting, I would really appreciate it.

...what you don't like about rolling any toy that is on wheels?  Why do you feel the need to slam it into the floor instead.  I promise that if you roll it, you will also have fun with those toys without denting the floor.

...why on earth you like to jump face first into your beanbag from the couch?  You scare the heck out of your mom now that you can climb up onto the couch and then you immediately turn to jump into the beanbag.  I shudder to think of the day that the beanbag (or Momma) is not there to catch your fall.

...what is it about the word "no" that causes one of two responses: an devilish grin with a sparkle in your eye or instant hysterical sobbing?  As much as I hate to be told "no", it isn't all that bad.

...how you are so smart at such a young age.  I know that every mother probably thinks that their child is a genius...but I'm serious.  You already have developed some fine motor skills by putting a straw into the lid of my Diet Coke.  You know that my keys unlock the door and you try each key on my key chain looking for the right one.  You put two words together the other day.  We heard you say, clear as day, "Hi dog!"  I am just amazed...what else can you do that I don't know about yet, I wonder.

...how your pudgy little hand in my hand as you walk down the sidewalk next to me can instantly bring me to tears of joy and pride.  I never want to let go of that hand.

...how on earth I will go back to work this fall, let you go to school, college or (gasp) get married?  I can't stand the thought of not being able to see your beautiful little face every day and hear that little belly giggle numerous times throughout the day...you make living life SO much better and you always keep me wondering!!

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