Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gus goes to Gramma and Papa's

As much as I would like to think that our son sat and twiddled his thumbs and counted the hours until we returned, I know that he actually had a lot of fun.  Gus (& Gramma) kept a journal and took a bunch of pictures.

Helping Papa get his fishing boat ready...didn't get to go fishing this time.

One of my favorite things...the dog cage.

Made Gramma read me every book on the bookshelf.
Got some work done on my tool bench.

Pushing my car....much more fun than driving it.

Long walk up the driveway to Gramma and Papa's house.

I really like rocks.  Lucky for me, Gramma and Papa's driveway has plenty for me to pick up along the way.

At the Hudsonville Fair with Gramma and Aunt Annie.

Holding a prize zucchini.  (When Momma was my age, she took a bite out of the prize pepper!!)

See ya next year, Hudsonville Fair!

"Now where did I put those keys?"

Cheering on the Fennville Blackhawks with Aunt Annie's cheer team!

"Umm....I need some help here folks..."

Didn't get to ride the tractor this time but helped Papa outside and got to play with his ear muffs.

Helped Papa, Aunt Annie and Mr. Nate set up the tent and get it cleaned up and ready for Labor Day weekend.  I don't get to go this time...maybe next year.

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