Sunday, July 4, 2010

A First for Me

Within the past 5 1/2 years that I have lived in this home, I have never taken a bath in it...only showers. I used to love taking baths at my parents house. When they built their house they put a beautiful old claw foot tub in the bathroom that my sister and I shared. Talk about luxurious! Ooo-la-la!! Perhaps that is tub here is just a plain old shower/tub combination. Not nearly as fun.
I have been sick all week and decided that maybe a bath would be a good idea....Gus loves his baths. But I added something to my bath that Gus doesn't get in his...BUBBLES!!!

My bath was delightful. I loved the citrus smell of the bubbles surrounding me. (I loved that I could smell them at all! I have been stuffed up with cold all week!) I loved how all of the tension left my muscles. I loved my bright pink, sassy, toenails peeking through the bubbles. (Thank you, Annie's Salon for the pretty toes! And in case you are wondering, no, my sister, Annie, does not have a salon. That is just what we call it when she does my hair or my nails.) Most of all, I loved how quiet it was! Our house is so little that often we can hear if one at the other end of the house hiccups. And I love my boys to pieces but they can both be pretty noisy at times. In the sanctuary of my bathroom, it was peaceful today. Not sure if my boys were being extra quiet, if Joel fell asleep and Gus was getting into trouble or if this bathroom is sound proofed more than I thought it was. Perhaps the noise was dampened by the shower curtain that I had pulled completely shut. (Now, I know that I was in the bathroom alone but I'm the crazy one who is always afraid that an intruder is going to break into my home and find me in the bathroom. I will show them! They can't see me if I am behind the curtain. But then I think, I won't be able to see them coming either. And I would be trapped without an escape anyway. So what good would a shower curtain do me anyway?! Regardless, I like the curtain closed!)

I feel so calm and relaxed after my super long bath. Yes, I refilled the tub twice once the water got cold. (Of course more bubbles!) And yes, Joel checked on me a couple of times to make sure I didn't fall asleep in there. And he was lucky he didn't say a word about how much water I was wasting. (Yes, my conscious weighed heavy on me when I filled the tub. I could almost hear my dad yelling up the stairs like he used to. "Don't you think you have used enough water?" And the answer would have been "no". It was a great bath!)

I must remember to take time out more often to take a nice relaxing bath. I am feeling so much better. Perhaps it is the cure to why I have been feeling so lousy this week. If so, I will take it!! No wonder Gus loves bath time!!

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