Saturday, July 3, 2010



My 100th blog post!!!  That seems a little bit crazy to me that I have posted so much!  Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Remember how I mentioned our fuss-a-lup-a-GUS?  Well, I finally figured out why.  Turns out that he is cutting MORE teeth!  Before school got out he had 4 front teeth and 3 bottom teeth.  He now has 6 on the bottom, including his molars. And as of this week, he cut the 2 top molars so he now has 6 on the top.  That's 12 teeth!!  This kid is going to be gnawing on steak before we know it!

In bigger news, my mornings with Gus took a turn today.  I have talked before about how much I love my mornings with my munchkin.  Today I heard a little voice bright and early.  I needed just a few more minutes so I brought him back to bed with me.  He snuggled so sweetly with me like he used to when he wasn't yet mobile. 

That only lasted a few minutes and I was just "resting my eyes" when I felt a little monkey start to move.  As I opened my eyes, I saw a little face peeking back at me with a giant smile on his face....and then it happened.  Two little hands moved to my tummy and started to wiggle around as the owner of those hands said "tickle, tickle, tickle!!" (or something that sounds pretty close to that) and let out a huge belly laugh!  So apparently he has learned to tickle me back.  Sneaky little monkey!!  So of course I tickled him back.  This continued for about 20 minutes but it was totally worth waking up early for it!

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