Thursday, June 17, 2010


Gus had a week of many firsts.  He took his first vacation!  We have taken other trips to see friends and family, but this was the first vacation we had planned that was just for us.  The idea for the trip actually came before Gus was even born.  My friend, Amy Sulewski, and I decided that we wanted to take our kids to Disney for the first time together.  So after a lot of planning (and a few uncertainties) we finally made it to Orlando.

FIRST plane ride- We started our trip in the 1st class lounge.  The parent of one of our students works inside there and invited us in.  It was nice to relax in a quiet space before the hustle and bustle of the airport.

Waiting to board the plane.

We arrived at our resort where there was a birthday surprise waiting for Gus in our room.  It included a balloon, autograph book and Gus' FIRST set of Mickey ears.

Gus and his "ears".

Gus met a ton of characters in Disney World.  His FIRST one was Minnie Mouse.  He thought it would be a good idea to try to eat her nose!

Hi Minnie Mouse!!

The Disney transporation was so easy to use.  We took a boat, the monorail and spent a lot of time on a bus.  Gus loved it because he didn't have to be in a carseat.  He was eager to look around at everything we went by.  He was like a little puppy paying attention to his surroundings.  At one point he decided to start holding onto the pole like Momma and Dada did.

Gus on the bus!  Hold on, Gus!

We went to the Magic Kingdom ElectroMagic Parade.  Gus LOVED all of the lights.  He had a ton of fun at his FIRST parade.


Gus saw his FIRST fireworks at Magic Kingdom.  (Yes, it was past his bedtime, but there was no way that we were gonna past up that opportunity!)  The end of the fireworks has the song "A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes."  This entire trip was full of emotion for me and I cried a ton!  When this song played, I lost it completely!  We are totally living the dream as our little family. 

My boys watching the fireworks.

DUMBO!  Gus LOVED the Dumbo ride.  On this ride you get to control your own elephant to go up and down.  Gus loved playing with that little lever.

Disney was smart to place an elephant on the ground for mommas like myself who want pictures with it. 

Gus has a blast riding the tea cup ride!  We didn't spin too much.  Gus just thought it was fun!  The Sulewski family were so fortunate to have Alice from Alice in Wonderland ride in their tea cup with them.  Rylie was in awe!


Growing up, I was in love with Winnie the Pooh and his friends.  I was thrilled for Gus to get to meet those characters.  He was amazed by Tigger!

"T-I- double Grr- R"

We made this trip all about celebrating Gus' first birthday.  Gus had his FIRST frosting....and loved it.


On Wednesday of our trip, Gus woke up with a skyrocketing fever.  After a couple of hours of it not going down and a very unhappy baby, we decided to go to urgent care and see if we could find out what was wrong.  Turns out he had his FIRST ear infection.  Poor peanut!  So we spent our last day at Disney in our hotel room.


On the day of our departure, we were trying to pack up and get ready to go.  Gus decided to have some of his own fun.

"Gus-gus....where are you?!?"

The bathroom door had a mirror on it and Gus could not get enough of it!

"Who is that handsome devil in the mirror?"

We had a WONDERFUL time at Disney World.  We have already started to think about our next trip that we will take there.  Can't wait!!

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