Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Gus-gus!

Deeply and madly in love with this little boy!!

I cannot even believe that Gus is a year old already!  I can hardly stand how quickly this year has gone by!  We started out the day by going to see Dr. Cadena.  After the crabby doctor in Orlando diagnosed Gus with an ear infection, I decided that I wanted to see our own doctor.  I'm glad that we did because Gus had also developed a rash so I wanted to get that checked out.  After the doctor, we stopped at school and Auntie Diane's house before coming home to take a nap.  Gus was not thrilled about taking a nap at that time and lucky for him, his cousins rescued him by stopping by to wish him happy birthday.  That night we went to the All-Star football game to watch Joe and Dan play one more time.  We didn't celebrate/party yet for Gus.  His birthday party is going to be later this month when it works for all of his grandparents (and his Da-Doh) to be there.

I am so lucky to have this beautiful little man in my life.  I cannot imagine my world without him.  It still amazes me that I get to be his momma.  I cannot wait to watch his little personality continue to develop and see who he becomes.

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