Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Lately my darling son has been really interested in his Dada.  Really wants nothing to do with Momma.  Almost every word out of that little mouth is Dada or Nunununun (for his "nunny" aka. pacifier).  Joel claims that Gus does say Momma when I'm not around...but I'm skeptical.  It's not that he hasn't said it because he used to say it...but it has been a while.  Yesterday I picked up Gus after school.  On the way home, we had our little daily conversation and I thought I would try to get him to say Momma.

I encourage him, "Momma".


I try again, "Momma".



Great.  And it gets better.  My son continues to say "Dadadadadada...."  Then he switches to yelling...


...and he hasn't stopped calling him "DA-DOH".

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