Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What?!? No way!!

This week has been kinda rough but today there was a bright spot.

Joel was being interviewed by a 9th grade English class for their biography unit.  One student, MC, raised his hand.  "There are people going around saying that Gus is is he?"  Turns out MC, who is one of Joel's players and knows the two of us pretty well, had NO CLUE that Gus was adopted.  It was pretty funny.  He felt pretty embarassed and kept apologizing to us.  I explained to him that that is no big deal.  "Adopted" does not define who Gus is.  I don't ever want one word to define who he is.  I explained this to MC...but he still felt bad and was completely shocked!  But when I think of it, he is a freshman.  He didn't see that I wasn't pregnant last school year.  How would he know?  Poor kid is mortified.  I did explain to him that I am sure many kids were happy that he asked that question because it was something that many of them, I am sure, wanted to ask.  It certainly opened up a wealth of questions for Joel.  One thing is for sure...those 9th graders learned a lot about the Stape Fam today!

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