Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a fun surprise!

Tonight as I was relaxing on my squishy, purple couch enjoying a DIY show on HGTV and skimming Facebook, I stumbled upon a fun little article.  I follow a site called  They had an article about traveling with an infant.  I was intrigued since we will soon be traveling with an infant to Florida.  I did pick up a few tips...but that is not what made my day.  At the bottom of the article was a small bio about the author.  She just happens to also be a first time mom to a son that was born last summer.  But to top it all off...she is an ADOPTIVE mom!!  So immediately I went to check out her blog that she writes about her adoption journey.  She and I have so many similiarities.  I wish she was my neighbor!  We would have so much to talk about!  It was so refreshing to find someone else out there who is so excited to share their adoption journey as we are.  In the past hour, I have read her entire great! Check it out if you want...she writes so much better than I do.  She also has two children books coming out.  One just came out to purchase in December.  It is called Wally One Sock about a boy who always seems to be missing a sock.  What other little boy do we know that always seems to be missing a sock or two?

All in all, a delightful surprise to my evening.

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