Sunday, April 18, 2010

Please, Momma....

I expect to see this sweet little expression many times in my life as he hopes that we buy a new toy or treat at the store.  This time we were buying shower gifts for our friends, Drew and Miranda, who are getting married in June.  Gus loves playing with them!  Drew is so crazy and can make Gus let out those adorable little belly laughs.  Miranda is not only Gus' hairstylist, but will also be watching him twice a week next school year.  She is so good with Gus and it's clear that she is pretty smitten with our little guy.  So Gus gave them some cookie cutters in hopes of making lots of cookies at their house next year.

Looking at the sweet little expression in this picture, I fully expect to see this when Gus wants a new toy or whatnot. And how can I say no to that face?!?  I'm such a sucker!!  I am sure that I will cave in quite quickly to this little charmer.

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