Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gus goes to the Farm

For years I have seen friends and relatives have their kids pictures taken with live bunnies.  I was hoping to do that with Gus this year.  Unfortunately, the places that offered the bunnies around us were filling up fast and quite honestly...didn't fit into our busy schedule.  Kinda bummed me out.  I even asked my parents to search for live bunnies to borrow so that we could take a picture at their house with them.  No luck.  While at my parents house for Easter weekend, it was suggested that see if there were any baby "chicks" available to take pictures with.  After calling my Uncle Tom, we were off to the Otto Turkey Farm to see the two week old baby turkeys!

Gus and 2500+ baby turkeys!

I think the feelings about each other were mutual.  Neither the turkeys or Gus knew what to think of each other.

Gus was not sure at all about the big turkeys...they were taller than him!

Gus was intrigued my the feather Gramma found until he tried to put it in his mouth and Daddy took it away.

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