Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gus' mom

This weekend was a lot of fun!  On Friday night, Joel and I had the opportunity to talk about our adoption experience and our little Gus-Gus.  Bethany Christian Services, the agency we went through for our adoption, asked us to represent their Domestic Infant Adoption program.  And we couldn't be more proud that they picked us!!  We spoke in front of a group of about 200 people.  We were originally told there would be about 300 people.  I'm glad that they didn't all show up.  :) We brought Gus with us and even had some babysitters come meet us there to keep him occupied during the time that we were speaking.  Many people came up to talk to us and to meet Gus afterwards.  I never would have imagined that we would have done something like this but we had a great time!  (We also found out that we are now able to apply for our second adoption any time.  Joel has had to hold me back and remind me that we aren't ready yet.  But someday soon we will be.)  On Tuesday, Joel and I will be speaking again to another group.  This time we will be speaking to a group of social work students.  Should be another good time.

To top everything off this weekend, Gus caught me off guard when he said, "mommommommommommommommommomma".  The most amazing thing that I could ever hear!!

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