Monday, March 29, 2010

Curious Gus

Gus is into EVERYTHING!!  We are constantly chasing him...and I love it!  I will admit that we were a little behind on the baby proofing but I think that we are getting there...which is good since he is a speedy little monkey.  We are looking forward to Spring Break to really do a better job of baby proofing.  I'm thinking it would be easier just to keep him in a bubble...that way he will be safe.  Since that doesn't seem like a great option, we will just have to be right next to him all the time when he is free roaming or resort to using the pack n play.  He is fun to watch while he is playing in his pack n play.  I love when he stands up and you can see from just his nose up above the edge.  Or when he crouches down to peer at us through the mesh below.  Too cute!  I love watching how curious he is and how he can't stop looking at his surroundings.  Even when we are carrying him, he wrenches his body around so that he can see where we are headed as opposed to where we have been.  I love my son's optimistic view on the world!!

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