Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Too funny!

So last night I had the opportunity to go to the Scholastic Book Warehouse with my sister-in-law, Sarah and my friend, Diane.  We found some great deals on some really fun books!  After dropping them off, I called Joel on my way home to see what Gus was up to.  In typical Gus Gus form, he was fighting going to sleep and causing a little bit of trouble.  Joel said, "You'll never believe what your son did to me..."  Typical things came to mind...spit up, pee, etc.  Apparently Gus took his nunny (pacifier) out of his mouth and seemed to shake it at Joel's face.  Although I know that this isn't something that Gus was aware of, it still made me laugh pretty hard to think about Gus doing that to Joel.  "Listen here, Dada, I am not going to sleep!"  What a little stinker!!

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