Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Running my fingers through my hair

Right now I am able to run my finger through my hair.  I LOVE having my hair washed by someone else, cut and straightened.  It is so much better than when I do it myself.  (Kind of like when someone else cuts up vegetables...they taste so much better!)  Tonight, after 6 months of chaos, I finally got my hair cut and colored!!  WHEW!!  It was getting a little ridiculous!  Not only that but I think I only straightened my hair twice during those two months due to lack of time and energy.  It is so nice to have had someone do that for me as well.  My friend, Miranda, is a hairstylist and I went to her for the first time to have my hair done.  (Yes, she is also Gus' hair stylist!)  Not only was I so happy to have my hair done, but to my surprise when I went to pay, I was presented with a gift certificate for a cut and it was all free!!  Apparently, Amy, one of my closest friends, had contacted Miranda earlier this week since she knew I would be there this week and paid for my hair.  I was so shocked!!  I think that I was still speechless (I know, it is hard to believe) when I left the salon.  And then I cried.  Between the two of them, they took care of my hair and just helped me to feel a little more human again.  In a week that has been so frustrating, this was by far the highlight!  Thanks, Miranda and Amy!!  What a surprise!

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