Sunday, November 29, 2009

I must be crazy...

I love long weekends such as the one that we just had...but this was exhausting. 

Wednesday morning started with a trip to Gus' doctor.  Poor little guy has a little infection.  (Got a prescription for it and it is starting to clear up.)  Gus, Joel and I stopped at Home Depot to buy our Christmas tree stand.  I met Sarah at Hannah's preschool and then whisked my adorable niece off with me for the rest of the afternoon.  She went with me to entertain Gus while he and I got our hair cut and then she and I made Thankgiving desserts.  She and I did this last year, too.  I hope this little tradition continues.  We were supposed to go get our Christmas tree that evening but it started to rain.  :(

Sarah and I kicked off our Thanksgiving Day traditions with a trip to Meijer to check out any deals they have on Thursday before racing back to her house, meeting up with Joel and Jason and going to the Lions Game.  Gus was decked out in his Lion's gear for the day while he stayed home with Grandma Jo, Papa Scott, Brendan and Hannah. 

That night Sarah and I decided to go to Toys R Us at midnight.  They were opening early and were supposed to have some good deals at 12 am.  We ended up standing outside from 11:30PM- 1:30 the spitting rain and cold.  We finally got inside.  I immediately went and got in line to check out while Sarah ran around the store and brought the items back to me.  We didn't get home until about 3:30.  Crazy I know...but I loved it!!

Sarah and I went scrapbooking in Chesaning.  I was finally able to start Gus' baby book!!  Joel and Gus came to pick me up on Saturday night and on our way to my parents house we went to meet up with Joe Maly and Jane Wong.  So excited that Gus got to meet them!  We finally got to my parents house after midnight.  Whew!  Did I mention that Gus wouldn't ride nicely in the car unless the interior light was on?  If we turned it off, he screamed at the top of his lungs.  So, I sat in the backseat with the light on trying to entertain him.

We went to visit my grandmother, Mamie, and then went to the Otto Family Christmas.  We weren't able to stay very long because we had a very sad little baby.  So we hit the road and traveled home.  It was a long trip around the mitten we call Michigan.  And I am SO glad that we are home!!!

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