Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bipolar Wednesday

Today was such a weird day.  We had our cheerleading tryouts today.  It is a day full of emotion for all involved.  The girls are nervous when coming into their tryout, the coaches are stressed out making sure that everything is just right and it all collides at the end of the night.  At the end of the night we tally up the scores and write up our rosters.  We then invite the girls to come back into the room.  When they enter they see that the floor is covered in paper lunch bags and each one has their name on it.  Inside their bag is some candy and a little note that tells them that they either made the team or that they should try again next time.  It is fun to watch the girls run into the room with so much excitement.  For some, that excitement continues.  For others, it is crushed and they leave the room in tears.  My heart leaps for those who made the team are so excited and my heart drops for those who didn't make the team.  It is just such a strange day to experience. 

I came home tonight and collapsed on the couch and snagged up my little boy to cuddle with.  And for only a few more hours I am care free.  I get to relax and take a deep breath before my season begins.

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