Sunday, October 4, 2009

We interrupt this life for football season...

It has been a crazy time here in the Stapleton household.  Football season is always super crazy around here.  In addition to football and cheerleading practices, we had something going on every night this past week.  Monday- cheer stunt clinic.  Tuesday- dinner with Sara Griffin. Wednesday- dinner with my parents.  Thursday- JV football game.  Friday- Varsity football game.  Saturday- coaching clinic.  And this is what most of our weeks are like.  Gus has been going with me to cheerleading practice and is quite spoiled by all of those crazy cheerleaders. He also goes to most of the football games...if it isn't too cold or rainy.  He has been wearing his dinosaur hat to all of the games.  We have decided that his hat is good luck for the team and therefore needs to wear it.  Every game that he has gone to where he had his dino hat on, the Rams have won!!  We are hoping that it continues to be lucky for the rest of the season and we hope the weather is nice so that Gus can go to the game.  (He didn't go on Friday and we lost...bummer...)

Luckily Gus travels well right now and seems to be okay with the chaos.  So until he isn't okay with it, we will continue to enjoy the chaos.  We only have a few more weeks of football so life will get back to normal soon.

Gus has started to roll over a lot more now.  It has been a lot of fun to watch and he has been scooching on the floor and in his crib.  But watch out!  That means he is going to be starting to move earlier than we thought.  Regardless, it is fun to watch how much he learns everyday!!

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