Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Picking Boogers

I don't pick my boogers.  This is why God sent us tissues.  So I am just as surprised as you are that I have been picking boogers lately.  Not mine of course, they are Gus'.  The poor kid hasn't learned how to pick his boogers or even blow his nose and yet he really needs to have one of these two skills right now.  So what's a mom to do? 

I have been using the "snot sucker", "boogie wipes" and in dire times of need...my pinky finger nail.  (And yes, to answer the questions my students asked when I told them about this, I wash my hands right afterwards.)  My poor little baby either has a cold or is starting to teethe.  I'm not sure which I would rather have right now.  Either way, I know that Gus is not a happy camper.  He knows what happens when the "snot sucker" comes his way and he does not enjoy that at all.  He isn't sure what to think about the "boogie wipes", which are saline wipes that are soft on little noses.  He doesn't quite know what to think when we use these.  He does, however, try to eat them.  But for some reason, my son does not mind at all when I pick his nose.  How strange!  And how gross!  Never would I have guessed that I would do this.  It is amazing what you do for your kid.

So...I'm picking boogers...

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