Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How rude!

Do you ever have one of those days where you are just astounded by how rude people can be?  I think that I encountered rude people all day today.  Is it just the people that I have been encountering?  Or is this what our world is coming to?  I felt like there were many people today who had no common courtesy for other people. How hard is it to be polite to others or at least be courteous? 

Many of them were students and although they are kids, I do not feel like that is an excuse.  They are old enough to know how to treat people.  Not to mention how to respond to adults.  I don't know why I am surprised.  I hear how these kids speak to their parents and their parents do nothing about it.  Why would I expect them to treat me with respect?  I guess giving respect isn't enough anymore to receive it.

But then there were staff members who were rude.  Some are always rude so I am not surprised.  Others do things because they feel like they are entitled.  For example, we have to send our documents to the copier to print since we no longer have classroom printers.  Twice I sent something down to print and when I got there, the same teacher had just cancelled my print job in order to run his own copies.  Would it have killed him to wait a minute?  Just because he was standing right there doesn't mean he can just delete what others are doing.  I went to use the staff bathroom today and was disgusted to discover that someone didn't flush the toilet when they CLEARLY should have.  Are you serious?!?  Aren't we adults?  Flush the toilet for crying out loud!!  And as I was leaving today with my arms full and in a hurry, a teacher who is incharge of sending cards/flowers to staff members for new babies, illness, funeral etc stop and talk to me.  She wanted to go into a long conversation about why she didn't send us a card when Gus was born.  Seriously, lady?  I don't care what your excuse is four months later...too little, too late!

I finally left school today and thought that I wouldn't have to deal with anymore rude people....I was wrong.  My friend Amy and I were going to head up to the hospital to see another friend of ours who just give birth to a baby.  Amy called Kroger and ordered a bunch of balloons for us to take up there.  I was going to stop and pick them up before Amy came to get me.  When I got there, nobody was at the flower/balloon desk, nobody at the customer service desk and our balloons weren't ready.  When I finally tracked down an employee, I was treated with rude service as if I was the inconveniencing them.  Seriously?!?  And to top that experience off, Kroger for some reason does not carry baby cards.  I found thousands of birthday baby cards.  ARG!!!

Finally, I thought, I would get to go home and see my sweet boy for a little while before leaving for a meeting.  On my way to the meeting, I tried to call and make a hair appointment.  When I called the lady asked if she could put me on hold.  Only she never pressed the hold button.  She continued to carry on a conversation with someone else while I waited for her.  And it wasn't as if she were helping a customer.  She was clearly having a conversation.  After 6 minutes I hung up!  Thank goodness I am friends with my stylist and I just called her directly instead.  But really, the lady could have at least pressed the hold button.

Needless to say, I am just fried!!!  I hope to encounter only positive people tomorrow.  Thanks for letting me vent.

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